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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmailshotmail‧shot /ˈmeɪlʃɒt $ -ʃɑːt/ noun [countable]  TCMBBAadvertisements or information that a company sends to many people at one time by post We’re sending out a mailshot telling our customers about our new products.
Examples from the Corpus
mailshotSo far, 1.25m voters have been contacted, and all 2.5m voters in the target seats have been sent a mailshot.It was a mailshot for his own agency, which was then starting up, to potential clients.Advertising or research based mailshot or both?You will probably be one of millions targeted in a large mailshot.A highly configurable, professional program which is a must for professional looking mailshot envelopes.The customer doesn't need complicated products like PageMaker or Ventura to produce reports, memos or mailshots.Watchers were then encouraged to get in touch with her via her publishers, after which they received a personalised mailshot.Other retail multiples use targeted mailshots to support new branches that they are opening.