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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadvertisementad‧ver‧tise‧ment /ədˈvɜːtəsmənt $ ˌædvərˈtaɪz-/ ●●● S3 noun [countable]  COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + advertisementa car/holiday/shampoo etc advertisementa glossy magazine full of car advertisementsa job advertisementJo was reading the job advertisements in the newspaper.a newspaper/magazine advertisementI got the apartment through a newspaper advertisement.a television/TV/Internet advertisementthe new TV advertisement for the Volkswagen Golfa full-page advertisementThe organization took out a full-page advertisement in the New York Times.a pop-up advertisement (=one that suddenly appears on your computer screen when you are looking at a website)You can buy software that blocks unwanted pop-up advertisements.verbsput/place an advertisement in a paper/newspaperI tried putting an advertisement for lodgers in the local paper.post an advertisement (=put it on a website)The agency has posted an advertisement on its website for graduates to work overseas.take out an advertisement (=arrange for an advertisement to be in a newspaper or magazine)Their record company took out full-page advertisements in the music press to promote the album.run/carry an advertisement (=print or broadcast an advertisement)Broadcasters are no longer allowed to run cigarette advertisements.answer an advertisementI answered an advertisement in the paper for volunteers. THESAURUSadvertisementan advertisement for shampooThey placed an advertisement in the newspaper.ad informal an advertisementShe’s been in several TV ads.advert British English an advertisementa job advertHe took out a front-page advert for his shop.commercial an advertisement on television or radiotelevision commercialsHe was in some commercials for beer.trailer an advertisement in the cinema, on television, or online for a film or programme which will be shown soonA second trailer for Richard Friedman’s film has just been added to the website.promotion a series of advertisements for a company’s productsThe company has spent more than $300 million on promotions for the brand.poster an advertisement on a wallThey selected a famous artist to do the poster for the upcoming performance.billboard (also hoarding British English) a large sign next to a road, with an advertisement on itbillboard advertisementsA huge hoarding shows two contrasting images.flyer a piece of paper with an advertisement on it, often given to you in the streetSomeone was handing out flyers for a new nightclub.banner ad an advertisement across the top of a page on the InternetBanner ads are becoming more sophisticated.junk mail unwanted advertisements that you get in the postI never read junk mail.spam unwanted emails advertising thingsI’m trying to delete all the spam.classified ad (also want ad American English, small ad British English) a short advertisement that you put in a newspaper if you want to buy or sell somethingThe bike was advertised for sale in the small ads section.
Examples from the Corpus
advertisementMost car advertisements are aimed at men.For the last year, her face has appeared in CitriMax advertisements.Hershiser and Brown will be paid for appearing in the milk advertisements.There were no advertisements for staff.At this time of year, the papers are full of advertisements for skiing holidays.She loved the advertisements especially, so gorgeously puzzling.In response to the story-boards, it became clear that attitudes towards the advertisements were mixed.advertisement foran advertisement for laundry detergent