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-driven in Advertising & marketing topic

From Longman Business Dictionary-driven-driven /drɪvən/ suffix1COMMERCEif something is petrol-driven, computer-driven etc, it is operated or controlled by petrol, a computer etcLower interest rates set off computer-driven ‘buy programs’ that sent stocks soaring late in the day.Changes in the regulations will allow the company to sell satellite-driven phone services worldwide.2MARKETINGCOMMERCEif something is market-driven, client-driven etc, the market or the client is the main force or influence on itWe listen to our customers. We are a client-driven firm.In amarket-driven economy, people are forced to invest by the need to make profits.As the PC market has becomeprice-driven, Compaq’s market share has dropped.Japan is less export-driven than in the past. compare -led, -oriented