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jinglejingle2 noun  1 [countable]APMBBA a short song used in advertisements2 [singular]SOUND the sound of small metal objects being shaken togethersee thesaurus at sound
Examples from the Corpus
jingleThere are already plans to make the £26,000 jingle into a hit single and show the ad in cinemas.A jingle for every occasion: birthdays, menstruation, first love.Beyond the walls I heard the stamp and jingle of the King's escort, but he came in alone.A little jingle in his head: East is east and lost is lost..Then he heard, faintly but distinctly, the jingle of a bridle.Just then there was the jingle of keys outside the door.Most of the phrases the students came up with were jingles and slang.He writes jingles and obscure Broadway tunes.