agrarian agribusiness agriculture agro- animal husbandry animal rights artificial insemination bale(n) bale(v) barn barnyard battery biotechnology breadbasket breed breeding broiler broiler chicken BSE buckaroo bull butcher byre capon cattleman cattle market cattle prod chaff chicken chicken run collective farm coop co-op corral(n) corral(v) cowboy cowgirl cowhand cowpoke creamery croft crofter crofting cultivate cultivation dairy dairy cattle dairy farm dairymaid dairyman DDT dip(v) dip(n) dirt farmer drover dry-stone wall dude ranch Dutch barn factory farming fallow farm(n) farm(v) farmer farmhand farmhouse farming farmland farmstead farmyard field fishery fish farm fish meal flail(v) flail(n) fleece fodder fold foot and mouth disease forage fowl free-range fungicide gamekeeper geld genetically modified gentleman farmer goatherd graft(n) graft(v) granary greenhouse green revolution hacienda harrow hatchery hayloft haymaking haystack heifer hen house herbicide herd(n) herd(v) herdsman hired hand homestead(n) homestead(v) hopper horticulture husbandry hutch insecticide irrigate Jersey kibbutz lamb land agent lasso(n) lasso(v) lift litter livestock longhorn mad cow disease manure meat merino milk milk churn milking machine milking parlour milkmaid mixed farming mower muck muckheap nursery oast house orangery orchard organic paddock paddy pasturage pasture(n) pasture(v) pastureland pen perpendicular pest pesticide piggery pigpen pigsty pigswill pitchfork plantation planter plough(n) plough(v) ploughboy ploughman ploughshare poultry producer pullet PYO raise ranch rancher ranching range ranger rear rick rubber run rustle scarecrow scythe share-cropper shear shearer sheep-dip sheepdog sheep-pen shepherd shepherdess sickle silage silo slaughter slaughterhouse smallholding sow(v) sow(n) sprayer stable(n) stable(v) stable boy stall station steer stock stockbreeder stockman stockyard stubble sty swill swine swineherd tenant farmer terrace thresh threshing machine tractor trough truck farm true udder villein vineyard weedkiller weevil wheat wheatgerm wheatmeal winnow wool wrangler yoke(n) yoke(v)

Date: 1400-1500
Language: French
Origin: Latin agricultura, from ager 'field' + cultura 'use of land for crops'


ag‧ri‧cul‧ture W2 [uncountable]
the practice or science of farming:
More than 75% of the land is used for agriculture.
agricultural adjective:
agricultural land
agricultural labourers
agriculturalist noun [countable]