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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishanimal rightsˌanimal ˈrights noun [uncountable or plural]  RPTAthe idea that people should treat animals well, and especially not use them in tests to develop medicines or other productsanimal rights activists/campaigners/groups etc Bill has been involved in the animal rights movement for years.
Examples from the Corpus
animal rightsShe spoke frequently in the Debating Society in favour of progressive causes such as abortion, animal rights, state education and nuclear disarmament.Ivor Smith was filmed torturing a cat by an animal rights activist.Music is meant to be about escapism, not dreary boring subjects like the miners' strike and animal rights.There are no animal rights or environmental activists on the banned list.Judge Richard May said he accepted they were genuine supporters of animal rights.Separate animal rights organisations now work together in co-ordinated campaigns to persuade teenagers that animals should not be used in research.To use live penguins, while adding an audible dimension, might incur the wrath of the animal rights lobby.animal rights activists/campaigners/groups etcThe one thing that can be said in favour is that it sends vegans and animal rights activists incandescent with rage.The package has been hampered by the threat of protests by animal rights groups.The firm has been targeted by animal rights activists.The general public should regard statements from animal rights groups with caution.Concerns have been mounting about the increasing militancy of animal rights activists.Bomb squad detectives were called when initial reports suggested animal rights campaigners were responsible.