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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishartificial inseminationˌartificial insemiˈnation noun [uncountable]  MBTAthe medical process of making a woman or female animal pregnant by using a piece of equipment, rather than by having sex
Examples from the Corpus
artificial inseminationLesbians who wished to become parents by artificial insemination found themselves pilloried by the media.Subjects - Of 542 women attending the clinic for artificial insemination for the first time, 500 women were eligible for study.Tiny producers, for example, have little incentive to invest large sums in artificial insemination in order to breed better cattle.There are lesbian couples with children, and increasing numbers of children born as a result of artificial insemination.Only first conceptions as a result of artificial insemination were used for the analysis.It was to do with artificial insemination, but everything about Spake just screams turkey and chicken-choker.