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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcorralcor‧ral1 /kəˈrɑːl $ kəˈræl/ noun [countable]  TAa fairly small enclosed area where cattle, horses etc can be kept temporarily, especially in North America
Examples from the Corpus
corralIn addition, they gave equestrian center managers permission to add 17 corrals and space for up to two dozen more horses.The signs of depopulation are all around: the remains of a school, a corral and houses just down the valley.Surrounding the farm area were some eight acres of yards and corrals, suitable for sheep and cattle.Empty saddles in the old corral My tears would be dry tonight.We stood around the corral watching a cowboy saddle the horse.After lunch we gather at the corral.Even the corrals had weeds in them, because the horses were gone.We went to the corral and caught and saddled the horses.