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corralcorral2 verb (corralled, corralling British English, corraled, corraling American English) [transitive]  1 TAto make animals move into a corral They corralled the cattle before loading them onto the truck.2 KEEP somebody IN A PLACEto keep people in a particular area, especially in order to control them Once at the airport, we were herded to the gate and corralled into a small room.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
corralIdeas do not exist in a vacuum, free-floating in outer space, waiting to be corralled.The secret of exciting pop lies in corralling a succession of brilliant moments.The majority, over 2000, were slowly corralled and herded into Trafalgar Square, where they were detained for 4 hours.Social psychologist Rowland S.. Miller, however, has corralled eight reasons by drawing on years of research in psychology.Lewis couldn't be corralled for an interview.Keep the kids corralled safely in the backyard.We could corral them into one big mass of frightened bugs.The media strained against the yellow stanchion that kept them corralled toward the back.