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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcroftcroft /krɒft $ krɒːft/ noun [countable] British English  TAa very small farm in Scotland
Examples from the Corpus
croftSome 15,000 crofts, small family farm units that offer marginal incomes and mainly part-time employment, have survived.Reformed systems of direct support, aimed in particular at helping family farms and crofts.Both reflect Mills's own remarkable croft for the study of national societies.After a brief stop at Gairlochy, I decide to make straight for Fiona's croft.I quicken my step, keeping my eyes fixed ahead, hoping for a sign of life about the croft.This meant that the married women left at home came in for a large share of the work about the croft.They had learned that it was easier to survive on the croft than in the bread line.The croft cottage was small, only two rooms, but she took pride in her work.