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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdairy cattleˈdairy ˌcattle noun [plural]  TAcattle that are kept to produce milk rather than for their meat
Examples from the Corpus
dairy cattleKale Kale is grown for feeding dairy cattle.There is much permanent grass and more dairy cattle than in other parts of East Anglia.Much of it is intensively managed grassland carrying a heavy stocking of dairy cattle.Without it, in my opinion, the profit does not compare with that of dairy cattle.Most lowland farmers keep some dairy cattle and rear calves as well as wintering and fattening sheep and lambs.A prize of nearly £2,000 for top dairy cattle has encouraged a huge entry of 777 animals, bucking downward national trends.The farmers concentrated upon dairy cattle and sheep and were dependent upon weaving as a second source of income.