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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdipdip1 /dɪp/ ●●○ verb (dipped, dipping)  1 put something in liquid [transitive]PUT to put something into a liquid and lift it out againdip something in/into something He dipped his hand in the water. Dip the strawberries into melted chocolate.see thesaurus at put2 move down [intransitive, transitive]DOWN to move down, or to make something move down, usually for just a short time We watched the sun dip below the horizon. She dipped her head and spoke into the microphone.3 become less [intransitive] if an amount or level dips, it becomes less, usually for just a short time syn fall Profits dipped slightly last year. Temperatures dipped to -10°C last night.4 road/path [countable] if land or a road or path dips, it slopes down and then goes up again5 dip your headlights/lights6 animals [transitive]HBATA to put animals in a chemical that kills insects on their skin skinny-dipping dip into something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
dipNow dip a large spoon into the soup and take out some broth.Mike Yarwood's career dipped as Heath's and Wilson's did.The murdering sun had dipped below the horizon, and this was the time when she could forage for food.Emily dipped her toes in the water and squealed.This morning he didn't dip his bread and butter into it, munch and gulp, as usual.On leaving, Meredith dipped his hand into a basin of water and traced a cross on her forehead.Betty Crocker DunkAroos are animal cracker cookies meant to be dipped in the accompanying rainbow sprinkles frosting.The trail dipped into the dark rain forest.The flow of money into the 30-stock average dipped sharply in mid-December.Dip stale bread in egg and milk and fry it in butter to make French Toast.The temperature may dip to -10 at some places near Tahoe tonight.dip something in/into somethingDip vegetables into the batter, then fry for 3-4 minutes.dipped ... headThen she snorted and dipped her head.I dipped my head and brought the gun up at the same time without thinking.As she reached the door she dipped her head, as if she had something caught in her eye.And then she dipped her head, closed her eyes, and wept.Morton dipped his head, his face pulled wide, excited.Zahara dipped her head in the water one more time then reached for her towel.He kissed her face, then dipped his head, lifting her hips with his hands.Evelyn came close to Newman, dipped her head sideways.