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dipdip2 ●●○ noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 SWIMswim [countable] informalDSS a quick swim πŸ”Š Are you coming in for a dip?take/have a dip πŸ”Š Let’s take a dip in the lake.2 DECREASEdecrease [countable]LESS a slight decrease in the amount of somethingdip in πŸ”Š an unexpected dip in profits3 FOODfood [countable, uncountable]DFF a thick mixture that you can dip food into before you eat it πŸ”Š sour cream and onion dip4 IN A SURFACEin a surface [countable]HOLE a place where the surface of something goes down suddenly, then goes up againdip in πŸ”Š a dip in the road5 FOR ANIMALSfor animals [countable, uncountable]HBATA a chemical that kills insects on sheep and other animals πŸ”Š sheep dip6 PERSONperson [countable]STUPID/NOT INTELLIGENT American English spoken a stupid person7 β†’ a dip into something β†’ lucky dip
Examples from the Corpus
dipβ€’ The sauce also works well as a dip for raw vegetables.β€’ There's been a dip in revenue because of the recession.β€’ The Thames felt decidedly warmer the second time I went for a dip.β€’ The boy fell off his bicycle when he went over a dip in the road too fast.β€’ There's a dip in the road at the bottom of the hill.β€’ They held the punch bowl at parties, the potato salad, chips and dips.β€’ Figure 4-11 shows a geologic map with formations, strikes, and dips indicated.β€’ Given the circumstances of a cheese dip, it was cheering.β€’ In one dip in the mountains, where the sun has just sunk, there is a red volcanic brilliance.β€’ There are terrifying hairpin bends, sharp dips and sudden ascents.β€’ I have to set out the dips and Tostitos.β€’ Karlin relates the oppressive anti-Semitism his forebears endured in a vague, almost elliptical style with dips into the stream of consciousness.take/have a dipβ€’ Terry won't be taking a dip in the waterworld either.β€’ Whenever the government releases a particularly bad inflation report, the bond market takes a dip.β€’ Gutters should be clean and sloping to downpipes and should not have dips.sheep dipβ€’ The Fawcetts had a sheep dip and we would take ours there, but the shearing was quite a problem for me.β€’ Previous errors have included a sheep dip targeted after it was mistaken for a surface-to-air missile launch site.β€’ And he blames sheep dip for his condition.β€’ Symptoms of poisoning by the chemical, which is used in sheep dip, include nausea, headaches and muscle spasms.β€’ Perhaps an agricultural supplier was giving them away free with every 200 gallons of sheep dip.β€’ An old paint tin, a burst packet of sheep dip.β€’ That sheep dip is singularly disagreeable to a golden eagle is one reason for its rarity.