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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfarmfarm1 /fɑːm $ fɑːrm/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable]  1 TAan area of land used for growing crops or keeping animals a 300-hectare farm farm workers farm animals Joe had worked on the farm all his life.a pig/dairy/cattle etc farm He runs a pig farm in Lincolnshire.Say on a farm not ‘in a farm’.2 TAthe main house on a farm where the farmer lives factory farm at factory farming, fish farm, funny farmCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + farma 300-hectare/400-acre etc farmHe bought a 300-hectare farm in Shropshire.a pig/sheep/cattle farmA pig farm in Dorset is the suspected source of the epidemic.a dairy farm (=a farm that has cows and produces milk)Checks are made on milk from local dairy farms.an arable farm (=a farm where crops are grown)Tractors represent the single biggest cost on most arable farms.a fruit farmHe lives on a fruit farm and helps to pick apples.an organic farm (=a farm where artificial chemicals are not used)Organic farms can be as productive as industrial farming.a factory farm (=one in which animals are kept inside, in small spaces, and made to grow or produce eggs very quickly )Pigs in factory farms are fed a mixture of grains and proteins.farm + NOUNa farm workerWe rely on migrant farm workers to pick the crop.a farm labourer British English, a farm laborer American EnglishThe cottages were built for the farm labourers.a farm buildingThe farmhouse is separated by hedges from other farm buildings.farm animalsIt is used mainly for feeding farm animals.farm machineryIn the field, there was a tractor and some other farm machinery.farm produceMoldova provides Russia with large quantities of farm produce.verbswork on a farmI used to work on a farm when I was younger.live on a farmShe lives on a farm in Wiltshire.manage/run a farmHe manages a large dairy farm.own/have a farmThe family owned a small farm in Suffolk.grow something on a farmThey grew wheat and barley on their farm. THESAURUSfarm an area of land, used for growing crops or keeping animalsa 300-hectare farma dairy farma sheep farmranch a very large farm in the western US, Canada, or South America where sheep, cattle, or horses are breda cattle ranch in Wyomingsmallholding British English a piece of land used for farming, that is smaller than an ordinary farma smallholding used for organic farmingplantation a large area of land in a hot country, where crops such as tea, cotton, and sugar are growna rubber plantationa tea plantationhomestead a piece of land for farming that was given to people in the past by the US and Canadian governmentsHe still farms on the family homestead, a hundred years after his grandfather received it.spread American English informal an area of land used for farming or ranchingThey have a pretty big spread just south of the Canadian border.market garden an area of land, often with greenhouses on it, used for growing vegetables and fruitHe runs his own market garden, and sells his produce to the big supermarkets. orchard an area of land with trees, used for growing fruitan apple orchard cherry orchardsallotment British English a small area of land of land, especially in a town or city, which you can use for growing your own vegetables.The land is usually owned by the local council, who charge a very low rentWe grew the tomatoes on our allotment.agriculture the practice of farmingMore than 75% of the land is used for agriculture.arable adjective relating to growing cropsa lack of arable land
Examples from the Corpus
farma farm in southern AlbertaInstead of killing these families, they decided to construct an ant farm for them.After a while Bathsheba said goodnight to her farm workers, and closed the sitting-room door and windows.It was the equivalent of the labor of migrant farm laborers.In other words, it is compensation for assets financed from the farm overheads.Get an insight into life on the farm past and present.Any herbs that are added are also organically produced on the farm.a pig/dairy/cattle etc farmIn 1915 the farm was taken over by Fauchons who ran it as a dairy farm.He turned the beef holding into a dairy farm and soon began expanding by leasing other dairy farms all over Ireland.With Marjorie, she rented a tiny cottage at the edge of a dairy farm in Dorset, Vermont.