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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfleecefleece1 /fliːs/ noun  1 HBATA[countable] the woolly coat of a sheep, especially the wool and skin of a sheep when it has been made into a piece of clothing2 DCC[uncountable] an artificial soft material used to make warm jackets3 [countable] British English a jacket made of this artificial material
Examples from the Corpus
fleeceIn general, the same clothing was used underneath - Rhoval/Modal thermals and Polartec 200 fleece.fleece-lined slippersEarly wills and inventories show records for fleece, flax and hemp in many areas.Locally, fleece may be available from your garden centre but do check the quality and price before buying.Thinsulate fleece: heat reflective fleece.A lamb's fleece was sprawled in the middle of the stage.The drawcords on the fleece and the Merlin sleeping bag pull in freely and close tightly if required.Its white fleece runs on over her fingers.Then they unrolled as a silver-white fleece, under the silent cold light of the moon.