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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfodderfod‧der /ˈfɒdə $ ˈfɑːdər/ noun [uncountable]  1 food for farm animals2 something or someone that is useful only for a particular purpose – used to show disapprovalfodder for The murders made prime fodder for newspapers. cannon fodder
Examples from the Corpus
fodderThus it is both a cash crop and a fodder crop.Beet tops were left on the ground as fodder for a small flock of sheep.Maybe if you were stoned at a light show the Jimi Hendrix Experience could be boogie fodder.All the left-over crops are chopped up and used as cattle fodder.Potatoes are the only cash crop though even some of these are used for fodder.The convictions certainly will provide more political fodder for Republicans intent on keeping the issue before voters.Is all fact simply fodder for legend?If we wanted to be tabloid fodder we easily could be.fodder forGangsters have been fodder for movies virtually since movies began.