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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfowlfowl /faʊl/ noun (plural fowl or fowls) [countable, uncountable]  1 HBBTAa bird, such as a chicken, that is kept for its meat and eggs, or the meat of this type of bird2 old use any bird
Examples from the Corpus
fowlThen perhaps some joints of meat, or a fowl.The voice on the telephone had informed the police the butcher was in the habit of buying stolen sheep and fowl.On the glistening horizon two black dots appeared, separated, and became helicopters roaring low overhead and scattering the distracted fowl.Fish, fowl and meat, most with a decidedly Southwestern treatment, are represented on the menu.The red jungle fowl is the ancestor of the domestic chicken.Red Jungle Fowl are the progenitors of the bewildering variety of domestic fowl.A hen or stewing chicken or fowl is a mature female chicken, more than ten months old.The menu of entrees at Firecracker ranges from fish to fowl to hoofed beast.