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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfree-rangeˌfree-ˈrange adjective  TArelating to a type of farming which allows animals such as chickens and pigs to move around and eat naturally, rather than being kept in a restricted spacebattery free-range eggs
Examples from the Corpus
free-rangeOf course, it's not all free-range.Reichardt is currently experimenting with free-range ducks, which are raised in an open field bordered by nearby trees to provide shade.Buy free-range eggs if possible. 8.Even free-range eggs should be well-cooked.free-range hensAlso see the young lambs, various breeds of cattle and the flock of free-range hens.Next year he ends the chase in which he tries to get the free-range hens.Pheasant raised in pens tend to be slightly fattier and milder than free-range pheasant.Under increasing public pressure, farmers are taking a greater interest in free-range systems which give a fairer deal to farm animals.a free-range turkey