2 verb
1 [transitive]MH to remove a piece of skin, bone etc from part of someone's body and put it onto or into a part of their body that has been damaged
graft something onto/to something
The technique involves grafting a very thin slice of bone onto the damaged knee.
2 [transitive + on/onto]DLGTA to join a part of a plant or tree onto another plant or tree
3 [transitive] to add something very different to something, so that it becomes part of it
graft something onto something
New elements are being grafted onto our traditional form of government.
graft something on
It is a seventeenth century farmhouse with some Victorian additions grafted on.
4 [intransitive] informal especially British English to work hard

graft off somebody

phrasal verb
to get money or advantages from someone by the dishonest use of influence, especially political influence