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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgreen revolutionˌgreen revoˈlution noun [singular]  1 TAa large increase in the amount of crops, such as wheat or rice, that are produced because of improved scientific methods of farming2 SGEthe interest in protecting the environment that has developed in many parts of the world
Examples from the Corpus
green revolutionWe all know that there has been a green revolution.Callenbach's Ecotopia on the other hand is brought about by a green revolution of West Coast ecological activists.Bhundri is a relatively rich village, where several farms have tractors, and all the farmers practise green revolution agriculture.Thus, a second green revolution may be in the offing hereby big energy production increases, but the energy-poor still starve.But the potential of biotechnology, like that of the green revolution, is assessed in different ways by different people.Biotechnology is going to be speeding up the green revolution in agriculture.