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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhaciendaha‧ci‧en‧da /ˌhæsiˈendə/ noun [countable]  TAa large farm in Spanish-speaking countries
Examples from the Corpus
haciendaHe wore a suit, and had a sombrero, and looked like the owner of a hacienda.Apparently he has a great estate beyond the Sierra Nevada - big hacienda or some such thing.If apprehended by hacienda workers they are required to work a set number of days without pay on the hacienda.The second hacienda, Chacon, combines agriculture with cattle-raising.She never thought at all about the hacienda until they were almost back there.I know the hacienda and can be independent.Sharecropping, practiced on 12 % of the haciendas sampled, is different from the above non-capitalist labor forms.The hacienda came as a total surprise.