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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhomesteadhome‧stead1 /ˈhəʊmsted, -stəd $ ˈhoʊm-/ noun [countable]  1 TAa farm and the area of land around it2 American EnglishTA a piece of land, usually for farming, given to people in the past by the US government
Examples from the Corpus
homesteadWith its scenery and solitude, the Humm-Baby looks more like a homestead in Wyoming or Montana.In such a state, Greeley said in his influential editorials, a 160-acre homestead could produce an ample living.The typical settlement pattern for segmentary societies is one of settled agricultural homesteads or villages.Salmon patties sat casually in their Pyrex homestead, just challenging you not to wolf them down as accompaniment.When he left the homestead he rode his pony to Coopers-town.He lived on the homestead only a short time, then went back east.With the homesteads and the animals passing him downriver, it all seemed a dream.The homestead was half-hidden in an encirclement of trees.