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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhusbandryhus‧band‧ry /ˈhʌzbəndri/ noun [uncountable]  1 technicalTA farming animal husbandry2 old-fashionedSAVE MONEY careful management of money and supplies
Examples from the Corpus
husbandryFeather pecking can be an enormous problem in all husbandry systems.It could be that your ancestors were among the first to abandon the idea of hunting and gathering in favour of cultivation and husbandry.Farmers become dependent on it for inputs and new techniques of cultivation and husbandry.Thus the early killing age at Walton need not be a reflection of success in animal husbandry.To that extent we shall have less input cost because by husbandry practice we shall get rid of resistant blackgrass.The winning entry may be a simple gadget or husbandry tip.It was interesting to note that, wherever possible, two significant changes in sheep husbandry were taking place.The husbandry of domesticated animals should ensure that their physiological and ethological needs are fulfilled.