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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkibbutzkib‧butz /kɪˈbʊts/ noun (plural kibbutzim /-sɪm/) [countable]  TASSOa type of farm in Israel where many people live and work together
Examples from the Corpus
kibbutzWomen clean house in a kibbutz because, like women everywhere, they complain that men would not do it properly.All major decisions are taken by a general assembly in which each adult member of a kibbutz has the right to vote.For more than a decade, the farming kibbutz where Avishi Grossman spent his life has struggled under a huge debt.All three were trapped and killed in an ambush two miles from the kibbutz.It is this inhibition that is allegedly displayed, in the well-known case, by those brought up in the kibbutz.How could we keep our children on the kibbutz?Incidentally, have you been to the kibbutz library yet?The kibbutz is situated in an arid spot hundreds of feet below sea level, a feature highlighted in tourist brochures.