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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlivestocklive‧stock /ˈlaɪvstɒk $ -stɑːk/ ●○○ noun [plural, uncountable]  TAanimals such as cows and sheep that are kept on a farmcattle
Examples from the Corpus
livestockE coli is a by-product of intensive livestock practices.Last year after a catalogue of neglect was uncovered on his Buckinghamshire farm he was banned from keeping livestock for fifteen years.Last November he appealed against the sentence, imposed on him for breaking a ban on keeping livestock.It may include land, livestock, buildings, money and many other forms of property owned by individuals or social groups.But to Escondido resident Waller and others, horses are much more than mere livestock, they are members of the family.The drought has affected more than a million people in Henan and 280,000 head of livestock.During the course of a year, 1.1 million tons of merchandise and 800,000 head of livestock were dealt with.A tiger had been ravaging the countryside and killing the villagers' livestock.