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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmilkmaidmilk‧maid /ˈmɪlkmeɪd/ noun [countable]  BOTAa woman in the past whose job was to get milk from cows on a farm
Examples from the Corpus
milkmaidShe finally heard that a dairyman some miles to the south needed a good milkmaid for the summer.The Love Talker preys upon unaccompanied young women, such as shepherdesses or milkmaids, seduces them and then disappears.Richard, of Cornwall, reckons that milkmaids could be hired at £5 an hour because unemployment in farming is so bad.This frightened the milkmaid and the pastor.Does he have to be reminded about his long meetings with apple-cheeked Maude the milkmaid at the back of my stables?And there was a picture engraved on glass, illustrating the fable of the milkmaid and her pail.