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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishorangeryor‧an‧ge‧ry /ˈɒrəndʒəri $ ˈɔː-, ˈɑː-/ noun (plural orangeries) [countable] old-fashioned  TADLGa place, usually next to a large expensive house, where orange trees are grown
Examples from the Corpus
orangeryAn orangery filled with conservatory plants overlooks placid lawns and a fountain rising from a raised pool.At Sandridge an extensive orangery took up most of the southern façade ingeniously masking the servants' wing.It was sort of orangery, not black like Marie's, but it was real nice too.Margam Park - 850 acres of parkland with a fairytale model village, maze, adventure playground, orangery.From the roofed gateway, a paved terrace leads to the Summer Garden past a perfect lawn to the orangery.Gloria and I were lagging behind the party as it stepped out into the garden via the orangery.