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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpasturepas‧ture1 /ˈpɑːstʃə $ ˈpæstʃər/ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 TAland or a field that is covered with grass and is used for cattle, sheep etc to feed on large areas of rough upland pasture the lush pastures of the southern counties2 put something/somebody out to pasture3 pastures new/greener pastures
Examples from the Corpus
pastureBy pastures green, he leadeth me, the quiet waters by.Other considerations for siting Neolithic settlements included good water and soil, and convenient pasture land for newly domesticated animals.a cow pastureAs Balfour talked, the men casually watched the infested pasture.Net income on the pasture is £2450 per year.I said I hoped no angels were flying over the pasture.Radiating outwards are the paths to the pastures and the frontiers of the Masai world.Simon then had the agonising decision as to whether Wizard should stay or go off to pastures new.In some areas woodland, waste or upland pasture was cleared and developed and new settlements established.