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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpitchforkpitch‧fork1 /ˈpɪtʃfɔːk $ -fɔːrk/ noun [countable]  TAa farm tool with a long handle and two long curved metal points, used especially for lifting hay (=dried grass)
Examples from the Corpus
pitchforkJimmy went for a pitchfork at that stage.She fell on a pitchfork when she was little, Thérèse said: everyone knows that.And Mister Johnny picked up a pitchfork ... Carrie screamed and put her hands over her eyes.They fell silent, scythes and pitchforks hovering in mid-shake.As he is about to bury the gold coins, his imbecile brother Jacob appears, pitchfork in hand.As pitchforks they certainly pass muster.Frederick was leaning on his pitchfork, apparently listening to Mister Johnny who was waving his small hands and gabbling.Thorvald smoked his pipe while leaning on the pitchfork and talked about his coming marriage, his fourth.