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ploughplough2 (also plow American English) verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]TADIG to turn over the earth using a plough so that seeds can be planted In those days the land was plowed by oxen. a ploughed fieldsee thesaurus at dig2 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]SLOW to move with a lot of effort or forceplough through/up/across etc We ploughed through the thick mud.3 plough a lonely/lone furrow plough ahead plough something ↔ back plough into somebody/something plough on plough through something plough something ↔ up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
ploughFarming practice in recent years has moved to autumn ploughing and early sowing of oil-seed rape and winter wheat.The land is ploughed and then the seed is sown, the crop sprayed, the harvest taken, and so on.The fields are ploughed as soon as the winter crop is removed.Koju was an illiterate villager who had spent his life in the desert ploughing dust with oxen.It appears their chair had ploughed into the back of another.And if you have to plough the field anyway, you might as well plant it at the same time.Now, their lustre faded, they must plough through the qualifying slog to get there.It was like a huge farm implement ploughing up one pale flower, not quite crushing it.ploughed fieldDumont does not scruple to show the naked corpse, left on the edge of a ploughed field.It would have been easier to drive across a ploughed field.Jack went down a rutted, muddy track to a low stone-built wall behind which was a ploughed field.The bank sloped down about ten feet, into a large ploughed field.There was no more open country now; we camped always on dark, ploughed fields.He had first caught sight of her riding in a ploughed field beyond the barbed wire perimeter of the air base.Innumerable country spires turn bronze amid newly ploughed fields of copper, just for a few moments before the ball disappears.The ploughed fields were purple and Ambadji, larger now but still riding the horizon, was blue on pale pink.plough through/up/across etcIve been off and I am presently ploughing through 80 odd messages.Employers may be sifting through dozens of forms and unwilling to plough through a lot of waffle.Often they are ploughed up from agricultural land, lone victims, their bodies incomplete.All eager students need do is to plough through its well-presented 600 pages and they will emerge as masters too.He had just ploughed through seven Seahawks.Realistically, most staff never will want to plough through the manuals that come with most software.Now, their lustre faded, they must plough through the qualifying slog to get there.But instead of ploughing through the text, their introduction to the play comes from Tilt - a new Gloucester-based company.