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runrun2 ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 on foot [countable]RUN a period of time spent running, or a distance that you runjog, sprint a five-mile run She usually goes for a run before breakfast. He was still following me, and in a panic I broke into a run.at a run Sarah left the house at a run.2 in the long run3 in the short run4 the usual/normal/general run of something5 series [countable usually singular] a series of successes or failuresstring, streak an unbeaten run of 19 gamesrun of good/bad luck Losing my job was the start of a run of bad luck that year.a run of defeats/victories etc His extraordinary run of successes has been stopped.6 amount produced [countable] an amount of a product produced at one time a limited run of 200 copies7 be on the run8 do something on the run9 make a run for it10 the run of something11 a run on something12 give somebody a (good) run for their money13 have a (good) run for your money14 the runs15 play/film [countable]APTAMF a continuous series of performances of a play, film etc in the same place His first play had a three-month run in the West End.16 journey [singular] a) TTTRAVELa journey by train, ship, truck etc made regularly between two places It’s only a 55-minute run from London to Brighton. the daily school run (=the journey that parents make each day taking their children to and from school) British English b) informalTTCTRAVEL a short journey in a car, for pleasure Let’s take the car out for a run. 17 for animals [countable]TAHBA an enclosed area where animals such as chickens or rabbits are kept a chicken run18 sport [countable]DSBDSC a point won in cricket or baseball Jones made 32 runs this afternoon.19 winter sports [countable]DSO a special area or track on a mountain for people to ski or sledge down a ski run20 election [countable usually singular] American English an attempt to be elected to an important positionrun for He is preparing a run for the presidency.21 in clothes [countable] American EnglishDCCTEAR a line of torn stitches in tights or stockings syn ladder British English 22 music [countable]APM a set of notes played or sung quickly up or down a scale in a piece of music23 card games [countable]DGC a set of cards with numbers in a series, held by one player dry run, dummy run, fun run, milk run, print run, trial run
Examples from the Corpus
runThe West Indies beat Australia by 273 runs.Camilli scored 936 runs in 12 major-league seasons.Long distance runners follow a different training programme from other athletes.As a narrator, Stella gives James Joyce a run for his stream-of-consciousness money.Both resorts offer beginner to expert runs.After his run, he took a long shower.But in the long run the outcome of the race between food production and population growth remains too hard to call.Your educated boys went at it a little more privately and gracefully, but sometimes destroyed more people in the long run.Cher wins the prize for longest run of success.a 5-mile runThey left Anchorage at nine for the forty-mile run to Matanuska.Countess Maud was set for a record run.The show moves to London's West End after a month's run in Leicester's Gala Theatre.Dunaway is starring in a six-week run of "Master Class" in Los Angeles.at a runA couple of men rounded the plantation, going at a run towards the lake.He looked beautiful on a tennis court; he was a pleasure to look at running for a bus.The evidence suggests that women are on average slightly better than men at running countries.The kids set off at a run for the swing sets.Rory set off at a run.Then they set off at a run, Jim and Louise leading the way, Jube pounding along behind them.The user has also to construct a path through the relations thus setting up the linkages required at run time.Lewis has always been one of the greatest in the sport at running men down.He lined up at running back and tailback.run of good/bad luckThen he had a run of bad luck.Perhaps the constable who carried out the test was merely having a run of bad luck.Despite their current run of bad luck, the Giants are drawing record crowds at Scottsdale Stadium.Maybe this is my run of bad luck over with.school runThe victim was a 13-year-old pupil at a school run by the defendant's wife.And others on the scientific level who would claim the excuse of a school run, or taking the wife to Surgery.The 1980s have also seen the development of four military schools run by the army but privately financed.I felt I could whizz it round the country lanes on school runs and trips up to town.Some colleges and private schools run summer programs for kids, as do some of the larger daycare centers.As a consequence, private schools flourished, from the very expensive to the shantytown schools run by women in the slums.You could go to Newcastle or York shopping and be back in time to do the school run.What they do see me doing is the school run, shopping, cooking their meals and running the household.made ... runsGunships made their chattering runs beside us, and door gunners killed bushes.Gooch has scored 2124 runs at an average of 50.57, whereas Gower has made 2183 runs at 50.76.It was nice to be part of a winning side and even better to have made a few runs.As a batsman he made 3,882 runs at a modest average, but showed himself a robust tail-ender when it mattered.It made short runs, and at each stop I heard a very brief buzz that sounded like some giant fly.While my group circled for another attempt, others made their runs, some trying as many as three before succeeding.Money was made by long runs of dresses successfully sold.