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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscythescythe1 /saɪð/ noun [countable]  TAa farming tool that has a long curved blade attached to a long wooden handle, and is used to cut grain or long grass
Examples from the Corpus
scytheJimmy was sitting in the shed sharpening a scythe.All reaping must be done by hand using sickle and scythe due to the difficulty in using modern machinery.Joy made one last desperate attempt and produced the most horrendous squeak ever, like a hare caught by a harvest scythe.As her scythe moved mechanically through the bean field, a sandy-colored hare was startled out of its hiding place.Throwing down his scythe he scooped up some millet and straightened up.In one field he heard the hiss of scythes, and on a narrow terrace he saw two men weeding by lamplight.The scythe of time creates superiority of title as it does seniority of age.