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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshearershear‧er /ˈʃɪərə $ ˈʃɪrər/ (also sheep shearer) noun [countable]  TAsomeone who cuts the wool off sheep
Examples from the Corpus
shearerThey left behind the pot-bellied shearer who had played him previously.Gabriel was the most experienced shearer.Experienced shearers like Michael are in so much demand they can find employment right across the globe.Read in studio Britain is in the grip of a nationwide shortage ... of sheep shearers.Today the sunshine poured in on the shearers.A number of sheep were held by one shepherd next to the shearers.There were about twenty shearers per dang, each man shearing fifty to sixty sheep per day at a rupee per sheep.He takes a quick kick dead straight towards goal ... which shearer runs on to and scores.