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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsicklesick‧le /ˈsɪkəl/ noun [countable]  sickle.jpg TATZa tool with a blade in the shape of a hook, used for cutting wheat or long grass
Examples from the Corpus
sickleNotburga simply threw her sickle in the air, where it stayed until her boss gave in.The economy was mixed with remains of wheat, grinding stones and iron sickles indicating agriculture alongside the remains of domestic animals.The twilight sky was lavender and dark enough that Venus was out, hung above a freshly minted sickle moon.Diagnosis of the clinically severe forms of sickle cell disease is not difficult, providing awareness of the disease is high.She would then face him and, saying her own sickle needed sharpening, neatly slice off his head.His beard was mushroom-colored, his eyes were pale as dew, and he carried a rusty sickle.In the dim light of the December moon, a silver sickle, the landscape was bare no trees, no snow.In Britain one in ten black people carry the sickle cell gene.