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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstockstock1 /stɒk $ stɑːk/ ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 in a shop [countable, uncountable]BBT a supply of a particular type of thing that a shop has available to sell We have a huge stock of quality carpets on sale. Buy now while stocks last!out of stock/in stock (=unavailable or available in a particular shop) I’m sorry, that swimsuit is completely out of stock in your size.2 finance a) [countable] especially American EnglishBFS a share in a company the trading of stocks and shares b) [uncountable]BFS the total value of all of a company’s shares3 amount available [countable]AMOUNT the total amount of something that is available to be used in a particular area Cod stocks in the North Atlantic have dropped radically. the stock of housing in rural areas4 supplies [countable]AMOUNT a supply of something that you keep and can use when you need tostock of He keeps a stock of medicines in the cupboard. The country has been building up its stock of weapons.5 take stock (of something)6 cooking [countable, uncountable]DFC a liquid made by boiling meat or bones and vegetables, which is used to make soups or to add flavour to other dishes chicken stock vegetable stock 7 gun [countable] the part of a gun that you hold or put against your shoulder, usually made of wood8 animals [uncountable]TA farm animals, especially cattle syn livestock9 the stocks10 somebody’s stock is high/low11 stock of jokes/knowledge/courage etc12 be of Scottish/Protestant/good etc stock13 flower [countable]HBP a plant with pink, white, or light purple flowers and a sweet smell14 plant [countable] a thick part of a stem onto which another plant can be added so that the two plants grow together15 actors [countable] American EnglishAPT a stock company(2)
Examples from the Corpus
stockPlace couscous in a mixing bowl and pour boiling stock over it.As they try to cut stocks, this is likely to make a big dent in orders to manufacturing industry and importers.Someone came in half an hour ago and bought up our entire stock of Italian wine.If the interviewers and investigators see youthful error behind the Phillips incident and genuine remorse afterward, his stock will rise.Sellew has built his stock to a herd of nearly 100 goats.The new video store has a huge stock of movies to rent.If stocks recover, the North Sea could produce more than 10 times as many fish as were caught last year.The government has said it has no need for chemical weapons and will destroy its stocks entirely.Jodie always had a large stock of brandy in her cupboard.During 1939, following the trolleybus conversions in North London, a number of rolling stock changes were made.The total retail value of their stock at this period was estimated at £200,000.stock ofUncle Gene kept a large stock of food in the cellar.They had reportedly hidden large stocks of chemical weapons.