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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishswineswine /swaɪn/ noun [countable]  1 (plural swine or swines) informalUNPLEASANT someone who behaves very rudely or unpleasantly Leave her alone, you filthy swine!2 (plural swine) old useTAHBA a pig
Examples from the Corpus
swineLike the rest of the Company, she knew Gesner could be a swine.Willie Maley, a pearl among swine, dutifully held the door open for the departing damsel.He needed a drink and that old swine Busacher hadn't offered him anything at the villa.She had loved him while hating him, had loved him when he'd been a perfect swine.He was an unsympathetic, arrogant, selfish swine, and she hated him.It was Marian's work to drive the swine out on to the slope and keep an eye on them.Pay no attention to this swine.