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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishairfareair‧fare /ˈeəfeə $ ˈerfer/ noun [countable]  TTAthe price of a journey by plane
Examples from the Corpus
airfareNow you have to find an airfare and buy a ticket.Travelers also can add discounted airfares and other options.The trip includes airfare, accommodation, car rental and admission tickets to the golf course for all practice and match days.So it says travelers will provide their own airfare and most of their own meals.All these fellers screaming black power yet when was the last time one of them purchased airfare to the dark continent.The best deal I can do on the airfares is £870 - this includes a small fee for myself for the administration.Included in the cost are round-trip airfare from New York, hotel accommodations, kosher breakfasts and dinners, sightseeing and transfers.No one knew what airfares were available.