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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbuzzbuzz1 /bʌz/ ●○○ verb 🔊 🔊 1 make a sound [intransitive]SOUND to make a continuous sound, like the sound of a bee 🔊 a loud buzzing noise2 moving aroundMOVE/CHANGE POSITION [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] a) to move around in the air making a continuous sound like a bee 🔊 Bees were buzzing around the picnic tables. b) to move quickly around a place 🔊 Pamela buzzed around checking that everything was ready. 🔊 There were all sorts of rumours buzzing through the office.3 excitement [intransitive]EXCITED if a group of people or a place is buzzing, there is a lot of activity or excitementbuzz with 🔊 a classroom buzzing with activity4 call [intransitive, transitive]ASK FOR something/ASK somebody TO DO something a) to call someone by pressing a buzzer 🔊 Kramer buzzed at the security door, and I let him in.buzz for 🔊 Tina buzzed for her secretary. b) to make something happen, for example make a door or gate open or close, by pressing a buzzerbuzz somebody in/out 🔊 She buzzed them in and greeted them warmly.buzz somebody through something 🔊 The guard buzzed me through the gate.5 thoughtsTHINK something/HAVE A THOUGHT [intransitive] if your head or mind is buzzing with thoughts, ideas etc, you cannot stop thinking about thembuzz with 🔊 My mind was buzzing with new ideas. 🔊 Questions started buzzing round in my head.6 ears [intransitive]MI if your ears or head are buzzing, you can hear a continuous low unpleasant sound7 aircraft [transitive] informalTTA to fly an aircraft low and fast over buildings, people etc 🔊 Military jets buzzed the city. → buzz off→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
buzzâ€Ē When I returned to Britain I was buzzing.â€Ē She went to call her daughter, but the phone only buzzed.â€Ē Local people were buzzing about the murder.â€Ē When the light went on, a dozen or so large flies began buzzing around the room, which unsettled him.â€Ē He buzzed at the security door, and I let him in.â€Ē Police helicopters buzzed backwards and forwards over the area all day.â€Ē Some come buzzing drunkenly off the ceiling, motor around loudly, and butt against the light.â€Ē I hear something buzzing in the engine.â€Ē He was buzzing, really buzzing.â€Ē The canteen, a gloomy area in the basement, was buzzing with talk about Steinmark.â€Ē The whole office seemed to be buzzing with the sound of machinery.buzzing with activityâ€Ē Jimi makes a point of arriving at 8: 15, when the school is already buzzing with activity.