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check-inˈcheck-in noun  1 [singular]TTA a place where you report your arrival at an airport, hotel, hospital etc the check-in desk Make sure you’re at the check-in by 5.30.2 [uncountable]TTA the process of reporting your arrival at an airport, hotel, hospital etc Ask your travel agent about check-in times.3 [countable] the act of showing on a social networking system that you are at a particular place check in at check1
Examples from the Corpus
check-inIn addition, the automated check-in facility will alert readers to current issues of periodicals as soon as they are processed.Some have eliminated curb-side baggage check-in, which have caused some airport delays.The hotel is hiring additional staff to make check-in easier.On the ground, you enjoy separate check-in and a private lounge.Separate check-in at London Gatwick. 20 kilos baggage allowance.Swissair offers a telephone check-in facility for first and business class passengers with hand baggage.check-in deskThe main door went into a small lobby with a check-in desk.It's more like the check-in desk at Motel 6.The passenger must pass through a security gate before reaching the check-in desk.When we get to the check-in desk the kids are already heading toward the swim-ming pool which is lit up bright blue.