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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisembarkdis‧em‧bark /ˌdɪsəmˈbɑːk $ -ɑːrk/ verb  1 [intransitive]TTWTTA to get off a ship or aircraft opp embark2 [transitive]TTW to put people or goods onto the shore from a shipdisembarkation /ˌdɪsembɑːˈkeɪʃən $ -bɑːr-/ noun [uncountable]→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
disembarkHe found Philip there before him and about to disembark.There was much pushing and shoving and shouting and waving as the passengers at last began to disembark.People laughing, people crying, some boarding vessels, others disembarking, and others waving goodbye to their loved ones.Any day the D'Oyly Carte could disembark at Lime Street station and hire every available hand.We were almost the only ones to disembark at the small halt at Canvey Island.The only one to disembark at Tiree was me.Young Arsenal supporters sometimes disembark from trains south of the river and enter Chelsea territory across Wandsworth Bridge.Unfortunately boats are slow to unload, and disembarking is delayed.You must embark now. b. You must disembark now.We weren't allowed to disembark until an hour after the ship had docked.