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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflight deckˈflight deck noun [countable]  1 TTSthe room in a plane where the pilot sits to control the plane2 PMNthe flat surface of a ship which military aircraft use to fly into the air from
Examples from the Corpus
flight deckThe simulations involved real-time, interactive, routine operations, such as the actions of hanger and flight deck operators.It meant long hours for the pilots, flight deck crews, repair crews and cooks.The carrier's flight deck is too short for its aircraft to land on and putting it right will cost around £50m.In a moment the flight deck is an inferno of aviation fuel.Ammunition from the burning aircraft on the flight deck starts cooking off, spraying the deck with shrapnel.The patented plan is to feed data about the relevant airports into a small computer on the flight deck before take-off.The Doctor was marched on to the flight deck of the F61 at pistol point.