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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflybyfly‧by /ˈflaɪbaɪ/ noun (plural flybys) [countable]  TTAan occasion when a spacecraft flies close to a planet etc in order to gather information about it
Examples from the Corpus
flybySuch observations are rare, and the phenomena associated with these close flybys of Earth are elusive.Two Royal Navy Lynx helicopters made repeated flybys at varying heights, from different directions and at different speeds.C., will perform a flyby over Sun Devil Stadium.But to astronomers, the close flyby of Icarus was nothing new.A Mathilde flyby cost the mission 22 pounds of precious fuel.During the flyby, the spacecraft will measure gases in the atmosphere.A third flyby was carried out two Mercury years later, on March 16,1975.This flyby mission could be flown on the reliable Proton booster and could be done quickly.