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fly‧er , flier [countable]
1BBA a small sheet of paper advertising something:
People were giving out flyers advertising the event.
2 informalTTA a pilot:
She was one of the first solo flyers.
3 someone who travels in an aircraft:
Delays are familiar to all regular flyers.
WORD FOCUS: advertisement WORD FOCUS: advertisement
types of advertisement: commercial on TV or radio
on a wall, often with a picture on it
junk mail
unwanted letters in the post, advertising things
a sheet of paper with an advertisement on it, given to you in the street or pushed through your door
the blurb
a piece of writing on the back of a book, which talks about the good things in it
the classified ads
also the small ads British English short advertisements in a newspaper, in which people offer things for sale
the personal ads
/the lonely hearts (ads) newspaper advertisements in which people say they want to meet someone for romance

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