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2 noun
lift2 S3 W3

in a building

[countable] British EnglishTD a machine that you can ride in, that moves up and down between the floors in a tall building [= elevator American English]
They took the lift down to the bar.
It's on the 3rd floor. Let's use the lift.

in a car

[countable] if you give someone a lift, you take them somewhere in your car [= ride]:
Do you want a lift into town?
John gave me a lift home.
He very kindly offered me a lift.

give somebody/something a lift

a) to make someone feel more cheerful and more hopeful:
The new park has given everyone in the neighbourhood a lift.
b) to make something such as a business, the economy etc operate better:
The Bank of England's announcement gave the stock market a lift today.

lifting movement

[uncountable and countable] a movement in which something is lifted or raised up:
She does sit-ups and leg lifts every morning.


[uncountable]TTA the pressure of air that keeps something such as an aircraft up in the air or lifts it higher

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