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2 verb
plot2 past tense and past participle plotted, present participle plotting
1 [intransitive and transitive] to make a secret plan to harm a person or organization, especially a political leader or government
plot to do something
They had plotted to blow up the White House.
plot against
He suspected that the military were secretly plotting against him.
The minister was found guilty of plotting the downfall of the government.
the story of a woman who plots revenge
2 [transitive] also plot out to draw marks or a line to represent facts, numbers etc:
We plotted a graph to show the increase in sales figures this year.
plot something on something
You can plot all these numbers on one diagram for comparison.
3 [transitive] also plot outTTATTW to mark, calculate, or follow the path of an aircraft or ship, for example on a map:
We plotted a course across the Pacific.

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