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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpodpod /pɒd $ pɑːd/ noun [countable]  1 HBPa long narrow seed container that grows on various plants, especially peas and beans a pea pod like two peas in a pod at pea(2)2 TTSa part of a space vehicle that can be separated from the main part a space pod3 TTAa long narrow container for petrol or other substances, especially one carried under an aircraft wing4 a group of sea animals, such as whales or dolphins, that swim together5 HBIa container which holds the eggs of some types of insects
Examples from the Corpus
podOnce it had been ejected into space, a pod assessed its surroundings.Its rigid main stem needs no support, even when loaded with flowers and pods.Fiers sits in the cockpit pod between the two engines.Star anise is a dried pod containing anise seeds.Pick pods as soon as they are the right size, anywhere from three to six inches long.Whales live with the same pod, or family, their entire lives.Its foliage is pleasing and the seed pods are marvellous.Within five minutes, the pod and its satellite had vanished among the stars.The pod and chutes had disappeared as if they had never existed.Slice the vanilla pod along one side.