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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspoilerspoil‧er /ˈspɔɪlə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 carTTC a raised part on a racing car that prevents the car from lifting off the road at high speeds2 TTAplane part of an aircraft wing that can be lifted up to slow the plane down3 TCNprevent success someone or something that prevents another person or thing from being successful4 team American EnglishSPOIL a person or team that spoils another’s winning record5 surprise a message or report that is intended to ruin the surprising part of a popular film, book etc by telling people about the surprise before they see or read it
Examples from the Corpus
spoilerThe fliers knew there was a spoiler on the horizon, knew that delay might open a window of opportunity for others.It looks the biz in its racy colours, with go-faster body kit, spoilers and 15in alloys.Our whole vocation is to transcend the baser instincts of the animal world and be stewards and not spoilers of creation.My ex-husband was a real spoiler who turned every happy event into a nightmare.Alloy wheels are a $ 1,450 option, and a rear spoiler is a $ 650 extra.The Bears, though hurting, are eager to play the spoiler.In the Airbus, once Alpha protection is reached the spoilers automatically retract, giving the plane greatly increased ability to climb.