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1TD [intransitive and transitive]TD to make a computer, machine, or piece of software better and able to do more things
upgrade (something) to something
You'll need to upgrade your hard drive to 4Mb before running this software.
2 [transitive] to improve something and make it more modern, especially in order to provide a better service:
The hotel has recently been refurbished and upgraded.
3 [intransitive and transitive]TTA to give someone a better seat on a plane or a better room in a hotel than the one they paid for
upgrade (somebody) to something
We can upgrade you to business class.
4 [transitive]BEC to give someone a more important job
5 [transitive] to change the official description of something to make it seem better or more important [≠ downgrade]
upgrade something to something
Four of the regions were upgraded to the status of republic.

upgrade your skills

to learn new and more modern ways of doing a particular job
upgrade noun [countable]

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