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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishnavigatornav‧i‧ga‧tor /ˈnævəɡeɪtə $ -tər/ noun [countable]  PMNPMPan officer on a ship or aircraft who plans which way it should go when it is travelling from one place to another
Examples from the Corpus
navigatorBut I got lost in the doing of it, as navigators may, and we went beyond ourselves.Something unseemly attended the sea clock, in the eyes of scientists and celestial navigators.Clumsy on land Manx shear waters may be, but they are elegant fliers and first-class navigators.The well-dressed Lincoln navigator of the 1950s.They ended up talking to more than 200 of them, from a submarine navigator to a financial analyst for General Mills.At lunchtime, when everyone was brewing up, the navigator plotted all those little legs on to a map.The navigator claims it was like some sort of gateway through time but his captain died and he's obviously space-happy.