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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhomoeopathyho‧moe‧op‧athy /ˌhəʊmiˈɒpəθi $ ˌhoʊmiˈɑːp-/ noun [uncountable]  MAa British spelling of homeopathy
Examples from the Corpus
homoeopathyIsn't it strange how reading less about homoeopathy makes one feel better?Many of the same plants are used in both herbalism and homoeopathy but the prescribing indications can be very different.His medical special interests had been embryology, paediatrics, and homoeopathy.Advances in molecular biology in recent years have served to emphasize the possible relationships between homoeopathy, immunology and genetics.The omission of these chapters will not detract from your general appreciation of homoeopathy.Nor was it an assessment of homoeopathy alone, but of homoeopathy in combination with avoidance of exposure to the sensitizing organism.Paracelsus's influence on homoeopathy and holistic medicine is genuine, but the paracelsian legacy is much wider.And the meaning was that homoeopathy is a load of wind.